Cook Meth With Wasp Spray

june 10

Oct 5, 2009 i have heard about people taking bug spray and spraying a screen/chicken wire then electricuting it with a car battery charger then knocking the ambidextrous all.
I'd never cook meth the regular ways, too dangerous and risky, but this creations lol mabe the missing ingredient was raid bug spray lol.
The fact is, they can and do make meth from wasp spray and crystalizing it with car batteries all night long, and selling it as meth. it's horrible, i know, but if it.

Crystal meth recipe how to make make crystal meth red tube wasp spray dry ice meth make ingredients needed to make meth meth makes me pee.
  For those of you who came here to see how to cook meth your a fucking tool look for how to blow up your house lose your teeth get zits or even lose your mind.  
  Sep 23, 2009 how to make cyrstal meth meth synthesis make recipe to make crystal meth ways to make meth how to make a meth pipe wasp spray.

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