Tire service in Forney TX

image 4Does your car seem to fight you when you are steering? Are certain tires wearing out faster than the others?  If so, you may need new tires.

Diaz Automotive offers complete tire service including:

  • full tire replacement
  • tire mounting
  • tire balancing
  • tire rotation

Having quality tires on your vehicle helps make it stop faster, get better gas mileage, and also gives you better traction in poor road conditions.  Don’t get caught in a bad situation because you decided to drive on bad tires.  We have tires to fit any budget.

Needing a new set of tires, may indicate other problems like poor alignment.  Properly aligned wheels can extend your tread life by thousands of miles, so get the most out of your wheels and have them realigned today! Contact us today at 972-552-9908